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T1 service is the most reliable and proven Internet access solution available. It’s ideally suited for businesses that require uninterrupted, high-speed access with consistent and predictable performance for applications such as VoIP, VPNs, Mail, Web, services and other mission critical business operations. 

T1 service offer uptime and performance guarantees.

MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) 3 hours or less. 

T1 offers a level of reliability and security that DSL and Cable Internet are incapable of providing. In most cases T1 speeds are ample for most companies that have standard business communication needs, such as E-mail, VPN, and web browsing. The key is the reliability and versatility that T1s offer - DSL and Cable come close, but in business, close is not good enough.



When your company needs unsurpassed Internet access with a guaranteed and high-speed bandwidth, a T1 circuit is the preferred connection. T1 circuits provide 1.54 Mbps of dedicated digital connection—both download and upload. Internet Hotline is offering Internet T1 circuits for fast web access to your office. T1 circuits can support multiple incoming VPN connections to allow your staff to work from outside the company while still providing outgoing Internet access for your office staff.

Internet Hotline uses state-of-the-art equipment to help you secure your Internet lines and provide the most reliable security available. Unlike ADSL and Wireless service, T1 circuits are typically available for any business that has telephone service. 

Now would be the time to upgrade to T1.

Monthly Service: 

1.5Mbps Up/Down $399.95 month 

*Terms of service is 12 month from install date.  After 12 months the term is month to month.

**Applicable sales tax will be charge on the value of the router.  

*** Service canceled within 30 days of installation will be billed for the routers unless the return materials authorization (RMA) process is followed and equipment is returned. 


Contact our sales office at 408-881-1000 for additional information and to place your order. 
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