Feb 26, 2010  19:30 PST

We were able to get the SSL certificate and it is now installed and working. 

Support at IHOT


Feb 26, 2010  16:00 PST

We are down to just one issue

It the SSL certificate.  We are getting it and waiting for it to be approved.  

The URL for both http and https are now working.

Sending mail from with a email client seem to be working.  If you have any issue login to your webmail and send a email to support@ihot.com. Please give your email address.  We have had voice mail left with only a name and it take a while to match that up to a email address.  

If other issue arise we will post them here. 


Support at IHOT


Feb 26, 2010 11:15 PST

We three issue.

1: the SSL Certificate for Web Mail.   This is more annoying then being broke.  We need to get a new certificate and that will take a day or so.  When you try to login to webmail using the HTTPS URL you may see the warning about the cert.  It is a self signed and is safe.  Click continue and you will be at the Web Mail login screen.  The session is still encrypted but with a self signed cert.  

2: Access to WebMail and the URL Link.   You will need to use or type in manually https://webmail.ihot.com  and not http://webmail.ihot.com   If the letter "s" after the http is missing it will fail.  We are working on the apache config to correct this and get the link automatically forwarded if you use it.  

3: Some customer has seen a problem with sending mail from their IHOT.COM email account.  We are aware of this as well and are looking into it.  We are now handling them on a case by case basic.  

all for now.


Support at IHOT

Feb 26, 2010 08:00 PST

Sending of mail is still a issue is you are not doing it from Web Mail  

We know it is a pain to deal with.  We are working to resolve all the issue as fast as we can. 

Support at IHOT


Feb 25, 2010  2300 PST

Things are moving along.  We have POP3 access working.  We plan on unspooling mail in a short while. 

The Web Mail URL is still causing some issues.  So make sure you use the HTTPS://webmail.ihot.com/  as your link.  YOU will need to use the HTTPS to connect. 


our web specialist will be looking at that in the morning.  


Support at IHOT


Feb 25, 2010  19:51 PST

Thing are getting fix, but slower than we want.  


Pop3 access is now working.  If you use a Email Client you can access your Email Account.   Sending mail is not work at this time. Our server doesn't want to relay mail out.  It's on a list of thing to fix ASAP.


Web Mail is almost working.  You will have to use the following link 


if you just go to http:webmail.ihot.com  without the "s" after the http it will fail.  On the list of thing to fix.  


https://webmail.ihot.com   You may get a SSL Certificate error.  You can accept the current self sign certificate.  The session will still be encrypted.  We have to fix the real SSL Certificate.  


There are still some error on folders and file within Web Mail and we are working on fix that one at a time.  


More update in about a hour. 

Support at IHOT




November 20, 2009

Be aware of email that wants you to change your account settings. We are starting to see email being sent out to users email addresses again.  They look something like this.

Dear owner of the news@ihot.com mailbox, You have to change the security mode of your account, from standard to secure. Please change the security mode by using the link below:

We never send out emails like this.  If you look at the link in the bogus email, it is not from IHOT.  It sends you to a server somewhere else.  It is trying to infect your machine with a virus or Malware.  Don't click links in Emails.

Support at IHOT


October 14, 2009

There are email being received to our clients. We didn't send them out. They should be deleted and remember to never click the link in the messages.  


Beginning of fake message example:

Subject: The settings for the XXXXX@ihot.com mailbox were changed


Dear user of the ihot.com mailing service!

We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox (XXXXXX@ihot.com) settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings click on the following link:


Best regards, ihot.com Technical Support.


End of fake message

If you receive this message DELETE IT. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. 



September 12 08:46 PDT:  Internet Hotline get their Internet connection at the data center from our upstream provider.  This upstream provider was attack with a DOS (Denial of Service attack) which started at 07:43AM PDT and lasted about 50 minutes until they were able to block the attack.  We are monitoring and in contact with our provider.  

July 27, 2008 09:50 PDT   The Host21 server failed.  We are still investigating the reason why.  Since this is the second time this has happened we are in the process to replacing this machine.  We plan on having this done within the next couple of day. Impact should be minimal.  We will keep you updated on our process. 


July 27 2008:  The Host21.server has failed and we are rebooting it now. We will need to find out why it locked up.  The reboot has finished and it appears the server is up now.  We will be investigating this to solve this issue. 



July 26, 2009:  All systems normal.


June 06 2009 22:30 PDT:  We had a failure with the MYSQL service on server Host21.  We found the problem and got it corrected.  MySQL was down for about 20 minutes. All system are now normal


May 2, 2009:  Update finished.


May 2, 2009: 10:41PDT.  We are making progress.  Its down to just a couple of issue's.  Addressing each one.  More reports as we work on them.



May 2, 2009:  09:15PDT The software upgrade was going fine. But we experiences issue with some web site.  We are working with the vendor to get these corrected.  It appears that some of the Apache and PHP add-on modules were not installed correctly.  We are investigating and working to get then reinstalled now. Updates will be posted as we get more information as well as every hour.


Support at IHOT



We are excited to report about some significant improvements to our infrastructure. Starting this weekend we will be installing new enterprise servers that will enable us to better serve our growing customer base. In order to accomplish this in the shortest time possible, we are scheduling a series of maintenance windows over the next 3 weeks, beginning this Friday evening, February 13, 2009 at 11:00pm ET, 8:00pm PT (GMT -5 hours). Subsequent maintenance windows will occur each Friday evening from 11:00pm ET, 8:00pm PT (GMT -5 hours).


We are installing new hardware, upgrading current hardware and software during the next 3 weeks maintenance windows.  You should expect some site downtime, but we have planned to keep this to a minimum.


During these maintenance windows we will be spooling up all inbound email.  No mail will be lost during the maintenance windows.  You may experience some delays. There will be some brief times when web sites may not be available due to system reboots and the like.


We have been planning this event for weeks and have worked out a plan we believe will minimize any downtime.    During the maintenance window we will be blocking any FTP access you might use to update your web site.  This will only be temporary blockage. 


We will be sending out an update once we have completed this weekend’s maintenance. 



Support at IHOT









IHOT has received report of a email being received by our clients that request you to send in your UserID and password to confirm your account.  


IHOT never, ever ask you to send in anything to confirm your account status.

If you receive a request that looks like this below, just delete it. It's not from us.  It is coming from some where in the Europe and they have forged the header to make it look like it is coming from IHOT. 

It appears that the email is coming from upgrade @ IHOT.COM. 

This mail is to inform all our {Ihot.com} users that we will be upgrading our site in a couple of days from now. If you are a user of our site you are required send your Email account details enable us know if you are still making use of your mail box. Further be informed that we will be deleting all mail account that is not functioning so as to create more space for new users. To confirm your active/inactive account you are require to send us your mail account details below:




IHOT never, ever request you send in your UserID or password by email.  Why would we.  We know the user name.  So don't click reply and send anything back.  It will be sent to them.  If they get your reply they then have your email address, userid and password.  They can then access your email box and use it to send spam out using your mailbox.  Good for them, bad for your and IHOT.  


Support at IHOT


October 2, 2008

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